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Guernsey Donkey SEO Becomes Guernsey’s First and Only Independent Off-Page Digital Marketing Agency

Guernsey Donkey SEO

Posted 18th March 2018.

Guernsey Donkey SEO http://www.guernseydonkeyseo.co.uk would like to announce the release of its brand new digital marketing agency that focuses on the off-page element of website promotion.

Off-page SEO (search engine optimisation), is the activity that is undertaken that is not directly occurring on a website that improves the website’s position in the SERPS (search engine results pages). Basically this means creating or acquiring backlinks (other websites linking to a website) as possible. Any action that occurs on a website is called on-page SEO.

Guernsey Donkey SEO becomes Guernsey’s first and only independent off-page digital marketing agency.

Guernsey Donkey SEO creator, Martin Loader wanted to stress the importance of a high search ranking, “Being on the first page of the search engines, Google in particular as its market share of searches is 67%, for buyer keywords (search terms that people use to buy) is extremely important to generate extra leads and revenue. Being on pages two and lower is a waste of time in reality because 90% of searches occur on page one and never go to the lower pages.”

Mr. Loader went on to say, “Over 60% of searches take place in the first three positions on the first page, and position one of page one alone generates over 30% of searches. Put it this way, if you had a website on page two and were receiving one visitor per month, being at the very top of page one, would generate maybe ten, twenty or thirty visitors per month. It’s not an exact science because all niches are different.”

Although Guernsey Donkey SEO only went live on 30th January 2018, it is already at the summit of page one for a keyword that Mr. Loader focussed on. He conducted an experiment / case study on the website quote, ”It’s an intriguing twist of fate that I am conducting and writing about a live experiment on the very website I am experimenting on.” He wanted to prove to potential clients that he could get his chosen keyword to the top of Googles first page, which he duly did.

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