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Guaranteeing community Safety – Samsung’s approach

PanicGuard LTD

Posted 6th November 2018.

Samsung Italy partners with UK firm, PanicGuard, to offer users mobile security and peace of mind

Seeing the ever-increasing need for added safety across all echelons of community, Securitalia, Italy’s leading Security services provider, has partnered with Samsung in a world first, offering their mobile phone users built in peace of mind, when purchasing new devices.

Placing a built-in personal safety app on their devices, powered by PanicGuard technology, users are offered an innovative mobile safety solution that transforms their smartphone into a beacon that automatically transmits a video of the situation, as well as sharing the position to designated emergency contacts and the 24-hour Operations Centre linked to the authorities when triggered.

The offering aims to restore and assure Samsung users that in a digital age, not only their cyber personal safety but also their physical safety needs are catered to with the simple use of their smartphone.

PanicGuard is a UK based company established in 2011, trusted by industry leaders world-wide offering personal safety solutions and are the creators of Zecure, the world’s first turn key app and cloud based personal safety solution.

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