Gridlogics introduces PatSeer explorer – A company-wide semantic patent research solution for researchers!

Press Release : March 20, 2020
Gridlogics introduces PatSeer explorer – A company-wide semantic patent research solution for researchers!

Pune, India – March 17th2020: Gridlogics a leading provider of software solutions for patent research,
analysis and project management reintroduced its company-wide semantic patent research solution,
PatSeer Explorer, which will help researchers qualify their ideas before deciding to spend further time and
resources on it. With PatSeer Explorer researchers can search across Patents and Journals simultaneously,
to ensure no relevant records is missed.
Using semantic engines, Explorers search is designed to be simple and yet powerful enough to give the
most relevant set of results to the user. Guided search helps novice searchers make lesser mistakes and
reduce noise in the results thereby saving time. Further you can add details about your idea and search
data insight to understand qualification of your idea whether it has been applied and patented
somewhere else or not.
PatSeer Explorer unearth valuable scientific and innovation insights, helping users to shine a light on the
untapped sources of Journals and derive insights that lead to better decision making. With no hidden
costs for downloading PDFs or printing machine translated full-text of patent documents, and with an
extremely affordable concurrent licensing model, Explorer can save more than 60% over other solutions.
“We have worked with many patent researchers across large teams of corporates and service providers
globally and there was a need for a simple and cost effective unified platform for patent search which
could also be used as an idea qualification platform offering guided and secure solution to the R&D
personnel. Existing free search platforms that apply machine learning on your searches and screen
interactions in order improve result relevance for the community, but Explorer is extremely secure and
offers complete privacy for the researched ideas.”said Manish Sinha, Chief Technology Officer, Gridlogics.
“Moreover the product gives you access to the complete data coverage from PatSeer – one of the world’s
most comprehensive global patent data collections.”
To learn how PatSeer Explorer can make patents readily searchable and accessible to your innovation
team, contact us today!
About Gridlogics
Gridlogics is a leading provider of products and custom software solutions for patent research,
management, data analysis and project management. With a fast growing user base and more than
5000+ active users across 33 countries, PatSeer is becoming a go to solution for corporations, law firms,
service providers and even technology start-ups. Gridlogics leverages the latest techniques in information
retrieval, data mining and visualizations to help clients globally in deriving actionable intelligence from the
masses of patent data.
Sourabh Paul
Gridlogics Technologies Pvt Ltd

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