Press Release : January 19, 2017
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Granite Setts Silver Grey are ideal for edging, driveways paving, pathways and patios and offer a stunning natural looking finish.
They are one of the most known and versatile products, perfect for both commercial and residential use. The multitude of applications includes paths, trails, driveways, walls, edgings and borders.

Single colour variations look well on their own, but can also be combined to give a spectacular effect. Moreover, cobbles are suitable for both linear and random patterns. They will ideally complement contemporary and traditional surfaces. In order to create a consistent design, choose from Top Stone’s other items. Apart from cubes, we distribute kerbs, paving slabs, slate stone and decorative features.

Our high quality natural granite setts are ethically sourced from a major quarry in central Europe. Stones have extreme durability with the ability to last for hundreds of years. They are perfect to withstand the British weather. Besides, granite is resistant to chips and cracks, with its finish only improving over time. Other characteristics of this resource are low absorbability, abrasion, compressive strength and frost resistance. Those features make it a perfect building material, which can be used practically without any limits. Another advantage is that natural stone paving requires practically no maintenance while keeping usability and aesthetics. Setts are sold in a variety of beautiful colours. Choice ranges from black and grey to unique shades of red or yellow.

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