Grab HTC Desire accessories as per your desires

Press Release : April 15, 2010
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Grab HTC Desire accessories as per your desires 1

They have had their first batch delivered yesterday. The best thing is that it sold out completely within 24-hours.

There is nothing to surprise that demand of HTC Desire is touching the sky and the supply is not keeping up actually with the demand.

If you examine and buy this candy bar shaped HTC Desire then you will be blessed with an ample amount of sophisticated features such as standard battery BA S410 of 1400 mAh, a battery cover, wall adapter with USB port, micro-USB cable or charger, stereo headset with remote control, microSD memory card of 4GB, and bunch of pamphlets with brochures.

This is the long list of accessories accompanying HTC Desire contract. Apart from all these, you are forgetting something most important. Yes, that is case or a pouch but, HTC is not including any carrying solution with HTC Desire.

In order to prevent your handset from scratches and dings, it is very essential to buy these babies. So, all these accessories are available for purchase on HTCPedia Shop.

Leather case for the handset from Noreve Tradition luxury is a professional and sharp looking case. The best part of the case is multiple openings to provide instant access to the charging port, headphones port, camera, etc.

Desktop cradle by Seidio Innodock Jr. for HTC Desire supports sync and charging of device simultaneously. The unique part of this charger is you can place your phone on the stand even if it has a skin case on.

Spring-clip swivel holster via Seidio featuring a heavy duty spring clip as well as a swivel belt clip.

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