Ghost Nation release their third single, Unforgiven! On February 24th

Press Release : February 10, 2018
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Ghost Nation is here with their third release:


”Unforgiven” is a showstopper anthem with its wicked whistling intro, dark lullabyish verses and massive shout along choruses. It´s like a whimsical lullaby in a sweet horror movie. Do you dare to fall asleep?!!

“You tremble and shake. You shake your dreamlands tree
Lost and gone. No dreams are left for thee”

Their debut release “Turn Off The Lights” spent 3 consecutive weeks at Billboard Spotify Viral 50 No 1. It reached No1 in +20 counties on Spotify Viral 50 lists, and No 1 at Spotify Global Viral 50.

The Swedish Alternative Pop/Rock Band Ghost Nation consisting of songwriters and producers Micke Berg and Tomas Vasseur (Lead vocals) was formed 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. Ghost Nation released their debut single ‘Turn Off The Lights’ early 2017 with over 850 000 plays. Their previous 2 releases has picked up over 1.1 million plays worldwide.

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