Press Release : May 23, 2016
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New Dog Owners, a comprehensive blog-styled platform dedicated to providing information, support, and advice on the dog-raising process, continues to equip dog owners countrywide with the tools they need to effectively and successfully raise their loving puppies. Cognizant of the many factors that push dog owners to bring their puppies back to the shelter or pound, New Dog Owners works tirelessly to update the platform with pieces, blogs, tips, and tricks for keeping dog owners encouraged and informed.

“Many people get puppies not fully understanding how much work they really are,” said Vincent, Founder and Owner of New Dog Owners. “They may seem adorable in theory – and they are – but they’re also a lot of work. Puppies are little balls of loving energy, and that energy requires a lot of attention, discipline, and training from the homeowners.”

New Dog Owners’ platform is all about planning ahead, and positing the important questions potential dog owners should consider before taking home a new puppy. The site goes in-depth and looks at the issue of moving and how homeowners should consider if a puppy is the right purchase with a major home move in the future. Additionally, the site challenges owners to think about family planning, and to figure out if a dog is the right move with two potential children on the way.

“We are here ultimately to help dog owners harness the adorableness and excitement of their dogs in a home they are forever welcome in,” said Emily. “Nothing is worse than a loving family taking home a puppy only to return it two weeks later. That puppy ends up back at the pound, and can even be put down. The whole ordeal begins with a lack of understanding and preparation by the new dog owners.”

The site helps dog owners identify which dog breed is right for their lifestyle and home size. Some dogs require a lot of exercise, while other dogs are high maintenance and suffer from perpetual illnesses. The site helps owners identify the final dog size of the puppy they’re buying, and let’s them know which environment is perfectly right for their new furry companion.

Platform visitors can find easy to navigate sections for dog health, dog products, training, food/treats, behavior, and planning.

“In addition to behavioral and family planning information, our site also delves into dog food brands, treats, and health recommendations for keeping dogs happy and healthy,” said Vincent. “We’re a one-stop-information-shop for all future and current dog owners, and we want to do everything in our power for eliminating the dog re-homing statistics in our country. Spread the word on the availability of our free, informative platform, and head over to New Dog Owners to read more about preparing for the perfect family dog.”

New Dog Owners also offers visitors a dog breed price check as a standard for determining the proper price for a specific type of dog.

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