Get the most out of OneNote with templates from one of the largest collections available.

Press Release : May 16, 2019
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Thursday16th May 2019

We’ve created one of the biggest collections of OneNote templates and solutions to help people to get the most out of MS OneNote, the CEO of, Guenther Draschkowitz said.

OneNote is probably one of the best applications in the MS Office stable … but also one of the most underused. People don’t quite yet understand what you can actually do with it, or know how powerful and useful it can be. That’s were our templates come in. A huge range of ready-made pages and sections give you a head start saving loads of time, effort and energy. Each can be used as is – or easily customised, tweaked and adjusted to fit individual needs and preferences.

Most of the templates in the collection are free for private use (there are currently 12) and if used for work, there are pro versions which also include many extras. The current collection includes productivity templates like KanBan Taskboard and Get Things Done. Other templates in the range help organize finances, fitness, collecting favourite recipes, doing entries into a diary or vacation organizing etc…

There is also an entire suite available to help manage your digital and physical footprint – myLife @ a glance, family tree template and an estate planner. A new range for business owners includes Intranet in a box, Marketing essentials & Project Management.

The collection is continuously being expanded and improved so watch this space:

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