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Get A4 Accident Report Book now at Lime tree marketing

Limetree Marketing

Posted 16th August 2017.

Limetree Marketing offers a wide range of school and office stationery. It is now one of the UK’s number 1 stationery providers and is proud to announce one more add on in their wide list of stationery and that is A4 Accident Report Book.

The brand proclaims that they have all new, exciting and innovative design-led stationery for school and office purposes. They said that they have stylish stationery, unique greeting cards, arts and crafts, computer accessories, labels, presentation equipment and now A4 Accident Report Book.

A proud team member stated that this A4 Accident Report Book is compiled and designed to keep personal information secure with tear away incident report. The sheets of these books are well designed and cover all the required fields. A source suggested that an accident report book should be kept next to the First Aid equipment in the office or workplace and it is a legal requirement. They add that these books are a simple and easy way of logging accidents. These files format also companies with Data Protection Act 1998 and HSE legal requirements. Once the details have been added, it can also be easily remove and keep it in a separate folder.

“They always are ready with fresh and inventive ideas with reasonable cost and you can get any books or stationery here which you can never get from anywhere in the world,” says- Lemen, one of theLimetree Marketing’s satisfied customers. The brand also stated that they constantly areadding new stationery products every single week and keep on updating their website as well.

Lastly, the brand said that they have a source of a talented team of designers, who bring new creative designs every single day to add in an array of their products. They said thus customers keep enjoying their huge list of attractive, useful and wallet friendly stationery items.”So any type of stationery is just one click away”-said the CEO.

About the Lime tree marketing

Huntingdon, Cambs, UK: Limetree Marketing is the leading stationery providers in the UK with unbeatable low prices. They stock \all sorts of office and school related stationery; large and small and designer under one cyber roof. They also have hustle free return policy for their valuable customers. They deliver their online orders within a day. They offer the designer stationery products with extra choices and at cost-effective prices.

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