Press Release : March 26, 2010
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A new web initiative DEMREF 2010 has quizzed prospective parliamentary candidates about their view on whether the Prime Minister’s right to choose the timing of General Elections should be abolished and replaced by fixed-term parliaments.

DEMREF 2010 allows voters to go online and check what their General Election candidates say about reforming the political system following the scandal over MP expenses and more recent revelations over party funding, overseas trips and cash for influence.

DEMREF 2010 is a simple constituency-by-constituency online directory of where parliamentary hopefuls stand on the big democratic reforms that might help to restore public trust. Visitors can view each candidate as a separate page in pdf format, making it easy to download.

In addition to fixed-term parliaments, DEMREF 2010 asks candidates for their views on free voting, the electoral system, open primaries, voting age, recalling MPs and House of Lords reform. Candidates also add their own favoured reforms.

To date hundreds of candidates have put themselves up for voter scrutiny by posting their views on DEMREF 2010 and the number of participating candidates is increasing daily. If candidates have not yet taken part, constituents can help by asking them to openly state their views on DEMREF 2010.


Contact: Tony Samphier on 0208 761 8155

Notes for Editors

DEMREF 2010 can be viewed at

At this time, DEMREF 2010 covers parliamentary constituencies in England only.

DEMREF 2010 is organised by POLinfluence trading name of Tony Samphier Ltd.

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