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Gartenzwerg Group launches Greengrocer.co, your marketplace to buy and sell home-grown food

Gartenzwerg Technologies

Posted 7th July 2017.

The Gartenzwerg Group (www.gartenzwerg.me), creators of the first fully automated and nicely designed indoor gardening system, have taken the next step towards enabling anyone to grow and share food from home and launched the Greengrocer.co platform – a market place for home-grown produce.

As Britain becomes a nation of “super-growers” with more than 1/3 of its population already growing their own food, Greengrocer.co enables anyone to list and sell their crops to neighbours on the click of a button. This includes traditional and urban farmers, hobbyists, seasonal backyard and allotment growers and users of smart indoor systems like Gartenzwerg. The platform also allows you to sell home-made products like jams, cordials, home canned, chutneys, etc. You simply list your items, your neighbours pay online and collect at your door.

Gartenzwerg’s co-founders Andre Quintanilha and Sabrina Palme are confident that by empowering people to grow high quality food indoors year-round through Gartenzwerg devices, and by offering them the opportunity to easily share that food with their neighbours via Greengrocer.co, we all will be able to benefit from a more sustainable food ecosystem. One that is less dependant on delivery lorries and less harmful to our lands – two of the biggest issues of the traditional model.

Lastly, to increase their bandwidth and deliver the value expected from the community as quickly as possible, the Gartenzwerg Group has opened investment round in exchange of a very attractive stake in the company. It is worth mentioning the company is SEIS pre-approved.

If you are interested in investing on UK based FoodTech companies, you can contact them at: andre.quintanilha@gartenzwerg.me

To buy or sell your home-grown food you can register here:

To learn more about the first fully automated and nicely designed indoor gardens visit: www.gartenzwerg.me

Press Contact

Name: Andre Quintanilha

Email Address: andre.quintanilha@gartenzwerg.me