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FUNDU-GROWTHFUND now available on trial basis.

Channel Link Enterprises Finance PLC (Trading as Fund U Finance)

Posted 5th September 2018.

FIND U FINANCE a London based company has now been placed in charge of distributing a new type of Government grant called the Fund U Growth Fund.

Fund U Finance registered as Channel Link Enterprises Finance PLC was awarded the job of distributing millions of pounds of Government backed grants to help boost startups and small companies.

The company was developed by a team of financial advisers and we now personally offer advice to the UK Government and the Business Support Department to develop new types of Government funding.

The grant, although in a trial stage at present will help thousands of people gain access to the funds they need to start or expand a business.

The program will me matched fundinig meaning applicants will need to contribute towards the growht of their company.

However Find U Finance charges no fees or charges at all and are Government backed themselves.

This is showing that the Government are increasing their awareness of small companies and startups and their opinion is that by investing in new companies this should leave to more jobs becoming available and lowering the unemployment rate.

You can apply directly through a large volume of delivery partners who will assess the applications and pass possible approvals through to Find U Finance for the final acceptance of the FUNDU-GROWTHFUND.

Press Contact

Name: David Pudge

Phone Number: +44 (0) 20 3976 2205

Email Address: acceptance@findufinance.cc