Francois Domain displays his new series of abstract paintings on the walls of London.

Press Release : August 27, 2017
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London based artist Francois Domain’s new series of ephemeral abstract paintings has left Berlin and is taking over the walls of London.

Over the summer, Francois Domain has been covering the walls of Berlin with upscaled abstract paintings inspired by some of the most famous album covers of all times like the Rolling Stones, Velvet Underground, the Pink Floyd and many others.

The ‘Resonance’ series is now taking over the walls of London. The first pieces will be settled in undisclosed locations from the 1st of September until mid-november. There is no map, so only luck will let you stumble upon the pieces – signed #FleF.

“The idea behind ‘Resonance’ is to play with the unconscious, and trigger visual stimuli at the back of your mind for no apparent reason. When you see one of the pieces, it might ‘resonate’ and bring back memories of all kinds. You might even walk out singing a tune, without knowing why…” says Domain.

By removing any recognisable elements from iconic album covers and dramatically abstracting them, Domain emphasises the importance of the visual dimension, and lets the design vibrate into your unconscious until it reaches pure emotion.

The temporary catalogue of the Resonance Series is available at

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