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Find, Locate and Interact with subject matter experts with the Global Knowledge Community and Marketplace, Introducing; U-2-Me.


Posted 5th December 2016.

Founded by childhood friends Anthony Ibekwem and Dean Attidore, U-2-Me is an exciting and dynamic new company created to revolutionise the world of information, expertise and knowledge sharing.

It is widely acknowledged that thanks to the internet there is a wealth of information just a few clicks away at any time of day and night. However the real challenge is being able to ascertain the contributors with genuine experience and expertise rather than the usually well meaning but misguided members of the online community sharing out of date or misleading content.

Passionate, lifelong learners Anthony and Dean innately understood the importance of fast access to reliable knowledge to change lives and so after months of research, interviews and development U-2-Me was born.

U-2-Me is an entirely online intermediary platform designed to bring together global experts and those seeking to develop knowledge, skills or expertise.
Prior to U-2-Me being developed experts had to rely on generating traffic and awareness of the knowledge via more traditional means. This meant that although they are greatly experienced and can bring huge value to the marketplace they were unable to raise their profile enough to be fairly compensated. Conversely at any given moment, there are potentially thousands of individuals seeking to increase their knowledge and attempting to find experts but being unable to do so.

U-2-Me has resolved this. A dynamic and exciting platform U-2-Me allows thought leaders and experts to upload; Whitepapers, documents, books, and in the near future, videos, interviews and other valuable content that would otherwise be unavailable to the public. These experts are able to ascertain the own price points and be fairly compensated for the expertise they have spent years garnering.
Simultaneously, those wishing to go straight to the experts without trawling through thousands of pages on the internet and facing ‘sudo’ expert can log into their U-2-Me account and download entire documents or sections thereof, and learn directly from the experts. They can also request interviews with the authors and in a short time expedite their knowledge.

For an affordable investment they are able to access top quality information generally unavailable to individuals.

Press Contact

Name: Kate Burton

Email Address: contact@u-2-me.com