Financial Analytics Platform Calqulate Launches Helps SaaS Companies Grow Faster

Press Release : June 23, 2020
Financial Analytics Platform Calqulate Launches Helps SaaS Companies Grow Faster

Calqulate, a financial analytics software provider for SaaS companies, today announced the launch of its platform for commercial use. Following its initial soft launch, Calqulate’s four solution offerings are now available across the globe to users who have a desire for organized data!

The company’s software supplies SaaS businesses with a suite of financial planning tools, including subscription analytics, cashflow forecasting, expenditure and SaaS metrics forecasting, that historically have not been accessible from a single platform. Such tools have also historically been a snooze fest, but Calqulate’s dashboards are a visual delight. The software natively integrates with Recurly and Stripe, and offers an open API for self-service integrations into other platforms. The world is your data visualization oyster. Plans for additional native integrations with accounting software, customer relationship management platforms, subscription management software, marketing platforms, and app stores are on the company’s near-term roadmap. 

“Calqulate empowers SaaS founders, CFOs and controllers, as well as their support teams, to manage and forecast their subscription cashflows, cash runway and investor reporting from a single, unified platform. By providing an opportunity to better understand their current and projected business performance, we’re positioning SaaS companies to achieve exponentially faster growth. We offer our customers a full suite of finance-led growth tools. Say goodbye to having 200 tabs open and say hello to clarity”, said the company’s founder, CEO and CFO, Niko Laine. 

Calqulate is launching with a freemium solution for early-stage companies and a paid subscription offering for more mature SaaS organizations. Its elegant user interface allows users to get up and running, using the platform in minutes instead of days, allowing you more time to be productive. Calqulate will soon be rolling out additional features to its investor reporting, cashflow forecasting and financial forecasting automation solutions imminently.

Calqulate has received funding from American angel investors and is closing its venture-backed seed round. The company has offices in Helsinki, Paris and San Francisco. Calqulate has joined the world’s largest startup center Station F in Paris and Kiuas Accelerator in Helsinki.

For more information about Calqulate, visit or sign up to a free trial:

About Calqulate: Calqulate is an all-in-one financial analytics and cashflow forecasting platform designed to help SaaS companies accelerate their growth by providing financial leaders with a 360-degree view of their key metrics from a single platform. Founded in 2019 by experienced finance and technology experts, the company has global offices and is in the process of closing its seed funding round. For more information about Calqulate, visit or sign up to a free trial: 

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