Press Release : May 20, 2018
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Have you recently experienced a decline in your brand loyalty?

Are your loyal customers just moving away, ditching your brand?

Here’s all that may be responsible for the same.

You forgot your existing customers:
It’s no brainer that businesses aim at growing their customer base. So, they often go on offering discounts or incentives in order to acquire new customers. There’s nothing wrong with it until and unless they neglect the existing customers.
Nurturing the existing customers is equally important or else they can resent the fact that their loyalty is not rewarded. So, ensure that you never stop rewarding your existing loyal customers because they are one of the many reasons responsible for driving new customers for you.

You’ve not done anything special for a long time now:
As a matter of fact, your loyal customers not only follow your brand but are also informed about each and every move that you make. They are quite familiar with your pattern of working (product updates, a launch of new products and so on).
They actively share their views and opinions on your ideas and also contribute towards WOM marketing. So, if you’ve not given them a reason to boast about your brand for quite a long time now, you’re probably shooing brand loyalty away!

You’re making problem resolution complex:
Your policies and guidelines may be updated every now and then. They may be great and the best ones for the customers and employees alike. But, all that your customer wants is a painless problem resolution. He/ she is least concerned about your policies.
So, instead of making the issue resolution complex, enable your employees to use complaint-resolution policies as guidelines rather than rules so that they can resolve the customer queries in the best possible way.

You failed to stand out from the competition:
As a matter of fact, there are a number of generic brands today. Moreover, these brands offer virtually the same product with a slight difference in price. So, it’s obvious that people would opt for a lower price if they are getting the same quality for a price less than what you charge.
Alternatively, you may simply have ignored to consider your customers’ perspective before introducing a new product. Whatever the reason be, you are simply thrown out of the competition in such cases. So, you need to keep your customers’ needs in mind before making any move!

Your live chat assistance sucks:
Last but not the least, a live chat software, that you initially installed in order to help your customers, may actually be driving your customers away!
The reasons?
Well, it may range from inefficient live chat agents who know little more than nothing about your products and services to slow responses to poor query resolutions. So, it’s imperative that your live chat agents are appropriately trained to serve your customers in a way they are meant to!

Now, that you know what may have gone wrong, it’s not that difficult to get back into action, right?

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