LLC Announces the Launch of its Application, “Find Love Among Your Friends”

Press Release : December 09, 2019
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Eureka.Fun LLC has launched the mobile app, available for iOS and Google Play Store, Eureka Love App.

Eureka.Fun LLC has launched the mobile app, available for iOS and Google Play Store, Eureka Love App. The new dating app states “Find Love Among Your Friends”, which mainly focuses on dating people we already know. Accordingly to Facebook survey, nearly 53 percent of online daters have a crush on someone they already met in real life but are afraid to admit it.

Moreover, studies have shown that about one in 10 Americans has tried online dating. But even among Americans who have been with their spouse or partner for five years or less, fully 88 percent say that they met their partners at school, college, home community or at religious institutions. Eureka helps the user to connect with people they already know in real life. Sometimes understanding feelings and intentions of other people can be complicated. With Eureka, users can easily connect with people they have feelings for, and express love secretly. However, the “loved” person will not know the user’s intentions unless feelings are mutual! And if there is mutual love between two users, here finally the magical “Eureka moment” comes!

More about Eureka features:

– The app is intuitive and easy to use, there is a tutorial to answer all the questions
– Users can fill in simple but straightforward profile with exciting info to know more about potential partners
– Users can anonymously invite their friends to join the app and express their feelings (it is enough to have just an email of the invited person)
– Since users connect only with contacts from their mobile lists, they are protected from spammers and unwanted people, so they can get to happier and more productive relationships. Plus user can always block or report an unwanted contact
– Users can express their love without any fear, because unless feelings are mutual, no one will know about that
– If there is a mutual match, users can start private chat.

Eureka App has already gained popularity among college students and work colleagues: those who spend enough time together to start feeling something in common besides work. In short, Eureka app delivers users’ feelings straight to their love phone and comes back only with an affirmative answer. Eureka.Fun LLC is based in Palo Alto, CA and was founded in early 2019. To learn more about Eureka.Fun LLC and how to find love among your friends, visit today.

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