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eresource helps pharmaceuticals produce product as per cGMP requirements

Eresource Infotech Pvt ltd

Posted 30th August 2017.

By now almost all the major organizations have the awareness that ERP system can provide an ideal software solution to address both their information and regulatory needs. In the Pharmaceutical sector, the present regulatory requirements focus on better product and process understanding and on elimination of risks critical to patients and consumers. These challenges are efficiently addressed by integrated approaches offered by eresource ERP system which not only provide better control over their business processes, but also help them in manufacturing products as per cGMP requirements.

eresource ERP is the number one ERP solution for all pharmaceutical industries like manufacturers of vitamins, natural health and dietary supplement apart from the mainstream pharmaceutical products.. eresource ERP has been recognized as the best solution among its customers because they offer a complete integrated application that suits the company’s needs in all counts.

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