Press Release : March 22, 2018
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CNPPS Limited is an innovative environmentally friendly technology company whose flagship product can potentially save billions in infrastructure expenditure, as well reducing global warming. The company is now looking to raise up to £100,000 via issuing up to 25% of equity in the company on the Crowd for Angels crowdfunding platform.

CNPPS (or Carbon Negative Permeable Pavement System) is believed to be the world’s first carbon negative permeable design and technology for paving hard surfaces such as roads or pavements. Using recycled and carbon negative aggregates, CNPPS is estimated to be 5-8% cheaper than asphalt systems and likely to be the first eco-friendly system globally. Helping to reduce global warming, it is believed that each meter squared paved using CNPPS captures the same amount of carbon as a medium sized tree during its lifetime.

Recognising its potential, the company has been shortlisted as one the ten finalists for the upcoming 2018 Mayor’s Entrepreneur award, a prize which recognises innovative ideas that can help to solve some of London’s most difficult environmental challenges.

The funds will be used for a second and larger trial to confirm CNPPS’s durability, stiffness and safety, in addition to testing all the environmental benefits and economic advantages. The tests will be carried out by an accredited material testing laboratory in the UK to obtain the necessary accreditation to be approved by local authorities around the country.


– Looking to raise a minimum of £75,000 and up to £100,000 via an equity raise for up to 25% of the business.
– £21,590 raised to date.
– Pre-money valuation of £300,000
– SEIS tax relief available*
– Minimum investment of just £40.

To see the full pitch visit https://crowdforangels.com/company/CNPPS-Ltd-180

Kamal Farid, Founder and Director of CNPPS, commented: “This is an opportunity to invest in a truly innovative technology, help to reduce global warming and reduce government deficits in infrastructure construction.”

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