Electronic Cigarette – Electronic Cigarette affiliate programme – Make money through your website

The Electronic Cigarette Company have a permanent 15% off sale just for you!

TECC Affiliates Programme

Have a permanent 15% off sale just for you!

Become an affiliate with TECC:

Its free and simple to join, no outlays or hidden costs, all you to do is recommend our website with your unique code, and we do the rest. Yes, it really is that simple.

How will you benefit?

You Choose: option 1) 15% commission on all paid orders made through your code including your own purchases.
Or option 2) 7.5% commission on every paid and shipped order and we give the purchaser a 7.5% discount, this way everyones a winner!

Got your own website? We give you access to top quality banners to place on your websites and blogs so your customers can link direct to us.

Generate more money through your website

Each paid and shipped order that you generate through your website banner will earn you commission, and theres no limit to the amount of commission you can earn!

Get paid to Talk

Dont have your own website? we cater for you too, just go on to the business cards link, make your own with your unique code and print off as many as you wish. Hand them out to your family, friends, and work colleagues, even strangers in the pub! The more you put in, the more you get out, it really is down to you how much you wish to earn. THE SKYs THE LIMIT!

Dont have your own website and dont want to give out cards? Doesnt matter you can still sign up and get all the discount just for you.

It really is Hassle free

Unlike with having your own business, being an affiliate is easy, no hassle, simply point people our way, and we do all the rest.

We deal with all these:
Pre sales questions
Post sale support

So join up, as you can see – there is every reason to become an affiliate with TECC, join today and start realising your true earning potential.

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