educogym Moorgate reveal the most obese country in the world – the result may surprise you

Press Release : March 23, 2018
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Shocking stats have revealed that the most obese country in the world is in fact one of the richest, so which country is it and why is obesity so high?

70% of the Qatar is obese, with nearly 50% of men in Qatar being categorised as obese. The country is one of the richest in the world, thanks to its natural gas sources and oil, so why is such a rich country so over weight? “Stats have shown that the average person living in Qatar consume fast food 3 times a week, that is a huge amount of processed, fried and unhealthy food, not only that, stats also revealed that 80% of Qataris hardly ever exercise, so bad diets with no activity very simply leads to obesity” explained Mica Smith, personal trainer at educogym Moorgate.

Qatar is an extremely hot country, and so Qataris don’t make a habit of regular walks, a ‘pop to the shop’ or a high step count like those in cooler countries, many drive in air conditioned vehicles to avoid the high temperatures, and who can blame them in 50 degree heat. “It is totally understandable, in those sorts of temperatures nobody wants to go for a walk or a hike, you can barely breath let alone exercise in that kind of weather, however as one of the richest countries in the world, there is both the money and the education to understand the importance of exercise, and gyms and personal trainers in indoor facilities with air conditioning should be available, and advertised to get the obesity levels under control” stated Sanj Bains, personal trainer at educogym Moorgate. Qatar is aware of the obesity crisis and has taken many measures to try and control the situation. Many initiatives are in place, sports and education in schools, help for those struggling with diabetes and more. But why is it not working yet? “It is a mixture of tradition and diet, traditionally most meals are made up of rice, butter and lamb, food is served on a large platter so portion control is an issue as everyone eats from the same plate, it is also seen as rude to turn down food in Qatari culture, making it very difficult to lose weight” explained Mica Smith, personal trainer at educogym Moorgate.

Surgery is becoming an increasingly popular option to cut down the obesity issue, and the age limit is getting younger, with a 16 year old who weighed 200kg reported to have had a gastric band “It is sad to hear that people are resorting to surgery, working at educogym Moorgate I have seen many clients transform their lives and bodies with us, without surgery, focusing the mind on the outcome, implementing great nutrition and getting active is key. I think the best thing to do is to get educogym in Qatar so we can work our magic!” laughed Mica Smith, personal trainer at educogym Moorgate.

Initiatives are in place, and surgery is increasing showing people do want to change their lifestyles and health in Qatar, all that is needed is for someone revolutionary to come along and change lives, someone like educogym Moorgate.

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