Edify CBSE School Franchise Offers Programs CBSE,IGCSE ,IB,K-12, Preschool Programs . Start Your Own School with Edify and expand your business .

Press Release : January 21, 2019
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Starting a new School and Operating it is a significant task that needs the professionals who are experts in the field. Choosing Franchising will serve the need of opening a school.

Choose Edify CBSE School Franchise when Starting Your Own School.

Edify Schools is an initiative of DRS Group, a renowned group of business. It is the dream of our founder, Mr. Dayanand Agarwal, to establish a chain of schools that enable children to enjoy special days of Learning.

We are leading educational institute in India offering programs in CBSE, IGCSE, IB curricullam. We are the Most emerging K-12 school franchise known for continuous innovation, systems, people development, IT facilities, and curriculum.

The Franchise offered includes :

i) Edify kids: Edify kids is the chain of preschools offering the programs that satisfy the learning needs of kids that helps in the overall development of kids.

ii) Edify School: Edify School are the Secondary School Franchise with the motto leading young India is known for its academic excellence, sports facilities, infrastructure, Labs , Health Care . It helps to develop intellectual curiosity, love for outdoors and spirit of adventure in them.

iii) Edify international School: Edify international School franchise offers curricullam CBSE,IGCSE ,IB . Edify Schools have created an innovative International Residential School Program.

The Requirements would include :

Land Area: min 20 acres
An area to be constructed over a period of 5 yrs: 200000 sq.ft
Investment over a period of 5 yrs: 25crs
Student Strength over a period of 5 yrs: 900
Grades: 4 to 12
School Student-Teacher Ratio: 1:8

iv) MDN Future Schools: MDN Future Schools is an initiative of Edify Schools to provide quality education at affordable cost in smaller cities of India.

v) Master Franchisee for Pre School: Partner with Edify Schools.A Master Franchisee is given the right to represent the prestigious Edify brand and also provided training to provide the service.

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