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edddison finalizes marketing collaboration with HP Inc.

edddison technologies OG

Posted 31st March 2017.

edddison technologies OG have agreed to engage in various joint marketing activities with HP Inc. The Sprout Pro by HP computer and edddison software solution will be promoted together at events, trade shows, on social media, etc. In addition, the two companies have already released a video showcasing in detail the symbiosis between Sprout Pro by HP’s hardware and edddison’s software. The goal is to gain awareness for the flagship products of both companies.

…. walking through your house, seeing the space from any perspective and making design decisions before it is built.

edddison on Sprout enables real estate developers, sales reps, architects and constructors to better advertise, plan, and sell building and design projects.

edddison is a software plug-in that turns Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk Stingray, Unity3D, SketchUp and Unreal 3D models into interactive presentations by using either your fingertips or tangible objects. It offers an intuitive and effective way to walk through 3D models while making decisions on the fly.

The advantage of using Sprout Pro vs. a PC
-Sprout Pro is an “out of the box” device. No additional stands, brackets, WiFi connection and USB cables are needed.
-Sprout Pro comes with a built in camera to track tangible objects and fly through the digital 3D model.
-Sprout Pro comes with a built in projector for mapping the floor-plans.
-The touch-mat enable easy interaction with the 3D model.
-Share both Sprout screens with your audience and let them follow your interactive 3D presentation by using the External Display Mixer.

Sprout Pro by HP
The Sprout Pro by HP is a high-performance all-in-one computer with an Intel® Core™ i7 Processor and Windows 10 Pro operating system. It features a 23” full HD touch display as well as a 20” touch mat with HP DLP Projector and Intel® RealSense™ 3D Camera for instantly capturing 2D and 3D objects.

About edddison technologies
3D is booming in the worlds of construction, presentation, gaming and manufacturing. The demand to interact with 3D models is soaring. Based in Graz, Austria, edddison’s mission is to give users the tools they need to create and present interactive 3D content on their own.

Press Contact

Name: Thomas Kienzl

Phone Number: +43 699 10 774727

Email Address: inbox@edddison.com