Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences and Eastern Clinical Laboratories, Announces Expansion Plans Throughout the Gulf Region.

Press Release : December 17, 2019
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Dr. Faruq Badiuddin, Managing Director of Eastern Biotech and Life Sciences and Eastern Clinical Laboratories, one of UAE’s largest health & medical testing companies, announced today that the company was embarking on a company expansion throughout the Gulf Region by offering a range of health, wellness and medical testing services to several new markets.

The combined Eastern Group of Companies that includes Eastern Biotech and Eastern Clinical Laboratories now offers its services through various channels which include partner laboratories, clinics, hospitals independent doctors, and a ‘Direct-to-Customer’ web portal. The experience gained so far has also allowed us to enhance our services to include Quality and Accreditation support for existing laboratories and Project Management for the setting up and commissioning of new laboratories.

“Our company delivers a comprehensive portfolio of health & wellness testing services for both individual clients and for corporate companies who provide their employees with a health and wellness check-up. Our dedicated, multilingual customer service team take pride in their work to deliver the most accurate results for our customers. Our goal is to grow our business and establish ourselves as the GCC’s leading medical and health testing provider by going direct to market and through collaborations with distributors,” acknowledges Dr. Faruq Badiuddin “Our facilities are located in Dubai and we continue to look at expansion opportunities and partnerships in the Gulf Region, whilst continuing to extend our product pipeline.”

The focus is to continually utilize the latest technology to deliver fast and certified test results, and constantly review methods to make services accessible to clients all over the region. The company was established in 2005 and provides a wide array of scientific tests, providing accredited, accurate and affordable health and medical services.

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