Dentists Warn Local Communities About the Link Between Tooth Decay and Heart Disease

Recent studies have shown that there is a strong link between Tooth Decay and Heart Disease. According to research, this is due to bacteria from Peridontal disease entering the blood stream, resulting in bacteria in your heart’s arteries. This condition is called atherosclerosis.

This link has given reasons for local dentists like Dr Hari Menon, of Rockingham Dental Centre to remind his local community in Rockingham of the importance of keeping healthy teeth and gums.

“Many people don’t realise there is a link between gum disease and wider health issues” says Menon. “Often people are shocked and disturbed to find out that bacteria from poor dental hygiene can enter your bloodstream and affect your organs.”

The message at least in Rockingham seems to be getting through with some locals returning to the dentist after not going for years. It is hoped this trend is reflected across other local communities in Australia. Health experts agree that good dental health can only help assist in the general health and well being of a population.

While regular check ups at the dentist are important, there is also a host of other things which can be done to ensure good dental health. Things like brushing and flossing daily go a long way to ensuring dental health and general wellbeing.

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