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“ConArtists” Selected works by former prisoners in the heart of London’s Law District


Posted 19th May 2015.

Selected works by former prisoners

in the heart of London’s Law District

Introducing Julio Cesar and Louie McManus – two former prisoners who learned their trade serving five and eleven year prison sentences in some of Britain’s most notorious jails.

The exhibited paintings portray a range of feelings, internal conflicts, emotions and desires; all of which were experienced through incarceration.

Now free, and challenging convention, Julio Cesar and Louie McManus are testament to the fact that art is a viable means of rehabilitation.

“It wasn’t until I’d reached the depths of despair that art entered my life and gave me the salvation I needed.” Julio Cesar

“An artist not afraid to share his inner most thoughts, feelings and emotions.” – Dean Stalham, ‘Made Corrections’

“You can see from his work what a creative and resourceful individual Julio is, and also how, despite limited, cramped circumstances, a dedicated, resilient person can find a means to creating great art.” Beck Nickolls ‘Artistscribbles’

The Award winning artists would like to invite you along to their first major exhibition: An event that “celebrates true freedom of expression.”

Exhibition will be opening on Thursday 11th June from 6pm-10pm
Running till July 5th
Open daily from 9am-8pm

Press Contact

Name: Julio Cesar Osorio

Phone Number: 07852666177

Email Address: julio@juliocesarts.com