CommerceCentric’s White Paper Challenges Business Leaders to Step Up Their Digital Transformation Game

Has digital transformation’s time finally come or is it all just hype? Or just another buzzword for moving everything to the cloud? CommerceCentric says it’s here to stay and it’s time to embrace the opportunities.

Reading, UK:

A new white paper released by CommerceCentric, a digital business consultancy in the UK, is challenging business owners and leaders to get on board with the total digital transformation of their organisations or risk going out of business in a matter of months. “Seeing Through the Hype: What Digital Transformation Really Means for Business” includes a definitive guide to digital transformation and what it really means in both technological, people and organisational terms.

The white paper strips the concept of digital transformation back to its core, breaking down the main elements and describing how traditional sales and marketing funnels have been turned upside down by the new buyer led demand economy. It challenges business leaders to examine how they currently handle basic business processes and whether their organisational structure is fit for purpose.

“Seeing Through the Hype: What Digital Transformation Really Means for Business” points out that changing consumer expectations brought about by the “gig economy” are no accident, that customers are now firmly in the driving seat, and that business leaders who resist the digital transformation imperative will face certain demise within one or two years at most.

Phil Driver, CommerceCentric’s CEO and Strategy Director says: “There’s been so many confusing and conflicting articles published about digital transformation lately we thought it was time to set the record straight. We read so much about treating new technology or the automation of a few processes as a box-ticking exercise. But we believe digital transformation means nothing less than changing the way your entire business operates, and we’re using this white paper to describe exactly what we mean by that.”

“Seeing Through the Hype: What Digital Transformation Really Means for Business” is available to download for free on request.

About CommerceCentric:
CommerceCentric are a holistic digital business consultancy. Our expertise is in marketing, digital insight, and ecommerce. We are a team of specialists who will transform your data into results, bringing your digital marketing and ecommerce agenda to life. Our global team footprint means we are as diverse as we are flexible. We are constantly exploring new communications technologies so that we can come together to deliver on a project in even the most challenging timescales. Our business model keeps us lean, agile and motivated to get the job done.

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