Code & Pixels launches its new Learning Management System amidst the lockdown to help schools teach and track students.

Press Release : October 03, 2020
Code & Pixels launches its new Learning Management System amidst the lockdown to help schools teach and track students.


After serving 6500+ schools with their digital teacher services, Hyderabad based Code & Pixels interactive technologies now has come up with their own learning management system to enable schools and teachers to teach and track students e-learning activities within just a few clicks.

“Learning should never stop considering the technological advancements we have, and we must make the best use of internet to educate the generation Z” says our Founder Mr. Gopi Krishna,

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the world, it is imperative that schools and educational institutions shift to alternative learning resources to maintain the flow of educating their students. MySchool365 is a learning management software that enables the school and teachers to communicate and track the students’ progress of online learning.

The website enables students to log in whenever they want to, and they can study whatever topic assigned by teacher or of their choice. The school management and teachers can then verify if the student has completed studying a topic or not by logging in with their credentials.

The teachers can also now make announcements on the website for the entire class to read. The students can actively respond to it. One of the best features on MySchool365 is the personalization. The website can display whichever schools’ logo the student belongs to. It gives a personal touch to the site and also the students find it specialized.

Teachers can also schedule zoom meeting on MySchool365 site and app. The teachers can actively track if the student has completed an assigned course or not which in turn makes the students more accountable and efficient.

After completion of every chapter, a certificate to is given to student virtually in order to encourage them. The website is currently available in 2 versions namely, advanced and premium. In the premium version pdfs and videos can also be shared by teacher among the students.

Once taken, the license will last up to the end of the academic year and amount of license depends on the number of students enrolled in the class.

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