Check out THE LOBBY, March 2016 – newest novel by humorist Randi M Sherman

THE LOBBY – The newest humor novel by author Randi M Sherman will be released March 2016

The early reviews are dazzling—the-lobby.html

Welcome to The Shipley Hotel, where the perky and attentive staff provides the gold standard in artificial concern and comfort to all the colorful characters who pass through its polished brass revolving door and find themselves in The Lobby. Practically engineered for eavesdropping, San Francisco’s juiciest hotel lobby offers the perfect place to witness the comings and goings—and the most comedic intersections—of staff, long-term residents, and eclectic guests. Featuring over fifty stories all transpiring in a single twenty-four hour period and intersecting in the Shipley’s elegant lobby, readers will meet an eccentric and vast array of characters, most of whom will look awfully familiar and all of whom will speak to the heart.

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