Case Study: how we have developed an online fund platform that helps investors build wealth

Press Release : October 11, 2018
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Technologies and innovations are growing rapidly, changing the way people are communicating, making payments or building wealth. Online investment platforms are relatively new but significant and growing channel to create wealth. Users across all household income bands utilize investment platforms. They become increasingly sophisticated and demand more “value” in the products and services provided by online platforms. Therefore, those platforms compete to offer services that add value and meet the expectations of users and financial advisers who may be acting on their behalf.

DDI Development team has developed an online fund platform that can be a great choice for investors to raise money. This platform provides one-to-one advisory services that suit the individual investment goals and help to achieve great results. Users have the ability to view their investments online, whenever they choose, giving real-time 24-hour access. There is also a vast range of options within the platform, particularly as your portfolio increases. Read our article to discover more details:

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