Carbon Hill: (AA) Project, African Aforestation

The AA projects directive is Aforestation to produce a renewable source of wood for industrial use.

Carbon Hills AA Project, the Aforestation of 64,500 hectares of Kiri Tree, the Japanese Empress Tree, Paulownia. The proposed location for this Aforestation project is throughout degraded lands set within ecological zones of Guinea Savannah and Sudan Savannah.

The Carbon Hill AA Project will establish Kiri plantations in an area totaling no less than 64,500 hectares. The land use of the plantations is expected to cover a 50 years period, with the first harvest taking place after 4 years, followed by two successive periods of 7-years rotations through coppicing. Taking into account the annual planting over the first 7-year period starting from 2010, the project will have duration of approximately 50 years (2010-2060).

The Carbon Hill project adopts a single 50-year crediting period and uses the CER approach to account for the net anthropogenic GHG removals by sinks from the project.

Carbon Hill estimated the projects Carbon Credit value to exceed 785,000,000 USD.

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