Brunel Franklin wins £4,000 for Yorkshire Woman

Susan Stansfield, a 42 year old secretary from Leeds, arranged a loan face to face with a bank representative back in 2005, but with PPI (payment protection insurance) mis-selling being raised increasingly in the news, she decided to check her own policy. She then visited Brunel Franklins website in June last year, and now just a few months later, she is celebrating a payout of £4,171.49.

The PPI seemed to be just included in my loan agreement although I had not been informed it was voluntary, said Susan. Having seen various adverts for companies who can help people in these situations, I decided to get in touch with Brunel Franklin.

Susans PPI was added to a consolidation loan she took out in 2005 and like so many other people, she never questioned the inclusion of PPI protection and simply assumed it was compulsory and that she had no choice in the matter.

Sally Bowyer, managing director of said: We see many cases like Susans, where people have had agreements in place for some years and have simply paid them thinking they did not have any other option. Many people are under the impression that they will not get their loan without PPI, but this is not the case.

We think that the people tasked with selling these PPI policies understand the true cost for the customer, yet this client like so many others is left to discover those implications for themselves. Chasing a vendor can be a difficult and time consuming process to undertake with no support or technical knowledge, and this is where Brunel Franklin comes in. We would encourage anyone who believes they may have been mis-sold a PPI policy to talk to us, as a quick initial assessment is usually enough for us to decide if you have grounds for a claim.

The average PPI compensation win handled by Brunel Franklin across all types of PPI policies is in the region of £2,200, with Brunel Franklins largest ever PPI win of any kind a staggering £27,000 payout against a First Plus policy in 2009.

To find out if Brunel Franklin can help you get compensation against a mis-sold PPI policy, just log on to and take the simple 60-second test. Alternatively, you can telephone 0800 051 5451 free of charge.


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