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Press Release : January 06, 2017
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Hair, it is one of the essentials for giving beauty to any women. As humans there are various stages of life which can damage the hair growth, volume of the hair, length of the hair and many other hair related issues. Most of the women find it very difficult to maintain their hair to make it look voluminous, lengthy or for styling the hair. The dream of every single girl in this world is to have luxurious tresses which are long, flowing just like the celebrity hair styles. To come to their rescue, the hair extensions play a very important role.The fact is that, each women is different and their hairs too are different from other individuals. Thus, the question is whether, “Are there hair extensions of different types of hairs present?” The answer to this, “Yes”. To satisfy women’s needs of hair styling, various companies have launched a huge number of products. Each productare known by its unique feature and advantages. There are various researches conducted to determine the best hair extension. The determined results show that, the best hair extension depends on the people who uses it and what their preference is. Only depending on these factors the best hair extension can be known.Another important fact is that the hairs extensions are mainly the donated hairs of the devotees especially the females. The purpose of donating the hair can vary from person-to-person. Thus, the texture of the hairs and the reactions to styling can be determined from its origin. The trade of human hair is common and is practiced around the globe. All the companies aim to provide the hair extensions that can suit various people.

The people of Brazil are known for their hair texture. The hair extensions from the Brazilian origin have a special quality to blend with various types of hairs which belongs to the African American or the Caucasian .It is not just the texture that matters, even the color has a major role in selecting the hair extensions. There are all colors of hair extensions available in the market such as the dark brown, light brown and natural black. In Brazilian texture, the very famous hair extension is the Brazilian body wave. This hair has the specialty to bend to various hair styles such as straight, curlyor wavy look. Therefore, the Brazilian Body Wave hair extensions are the best styling hair extensions which can easily adjust to any type of styles. The beauty of the Brazilian body wave hair extension is that it adds a great volume that is loved by all most all the females in the world.

There are various other hair extensions such as the virgin remy hair extension, Brazilian deep wave, wavy weft extension hair, curly hair extensions and clip in hair extensions . Generally, the hair extensions comes with a weight of 3.5 oz. in the form of a bundle. The Brazilian hair extensions are made up of Brazilian virgin hair, which is made from a single donor and it maintains its quality . Other than the human hair extensions there are even synthetic hair extensions available in the market. The synthetic hair extensions and the Human Hair Extensions have lots of differences. There is a difference of opinion, when it comes to selecting between the synthetic hair extensions and the Human Hair Extensions.

Difference betweenBrazilian Body Wave and SyntheticHair Extension

• The reason that makes synthetic hair extension as a choice of many users is its affordable cost. Thus, it is one of the advantage that makes most of the women to opt the synthetic hair extensions.

• The Brazilian body wave hair extensions are a high cost product, but due to its quality it is worthy enough(Chanel, 2017).

Blending Issues

• The synthetic hair extensions have blending problemwith the available hair of the user, as the cuticles does not provide a proper flow of hair in a single direction.

• The Brazilian body wave hair extensions does not have any blending issues.


• The synthetic hair extensions can last long with a minimal maintenance in terms of humidity or rain.

• The maintenance of Brazilian body wave hair extension is very simple.


• The specialty of the Brazilian body wave hair extension is that it contains a wave that adds a good consistency and helps in providing voluminous hair style. On the other hand, it enhances the beauty of a women and it fits for all types of hair styling, so the Brazilian body wave hair extension is worth to try.

• The use of synthetic hair extensions can provide a disastrous effect when compared with Brazilian body wave hair extension(Mail Online, 2017).On the other hand, the synthetic hair extensions does not have shine and soft texture.


• The synthetic hair extensions have the difficult to curl the hair for styling. It is not safe for straightening. The synthetic hair extensions cannot be heated which is a worth mentioning point.

• The Brazilian body wave hair extension tend to either curl up easily or it can be straightened without any difficulty or harm to the hair extension.


• It is not possible to dye the synthetic hair extensions and it does nothavethe natural color option.Moreover, it can fade easily .

• The Brazilian body wave hair extension has the option ofnatural hair color and they can easily blend with the existing hair of the user. The important fact is that the Brazilian hair extensions are made from a single individual’s hair and there are no chances to fade.


• The synthetic hair extensions has tangle issues, whereas the Brazilian body wave hair extension doesn’t have any such problems .

• The Brazilian body wave hair extension are loved by most of the women worldwide.

Most preferred Hair Extension between Brazilian Body Wave Hair Extension and Synthetic
The selection of specific type of hair extension mainly relies on an individual who uses it based on their preferences. The right choice is decided keeping all the points in mind such as the cost factor, maintenance, styling results and manageability.


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