Boring Money on a mission to make money personal, relevant and real to ‘normal’ Brits as it launches nationwide photo competition

Press Release : March 23, 2017
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Boring Money is a new consumer website aimed at helping people without PhDs in finance to make some sensible decisions about savings and investments. We are all about making money relevant and approachable – we involve consumers in our ratings, in our product reviews, our case studies and now our images and design.

• A nationwide hunt for images which represent our 8 financial ‘tribes’
• Over £2,700 of prize money to be won
• Open to amateur and professional photographers

Tribes such as ‘Rebellious Renters’ worry about getting on the housing ladder, whereas ‘Giving Grandparents’ are moving quickly towards retirement and are more concerned with maximising pension income and dealing with inheritance tax. ‘Distressed Divorced Delighted’ speaks for itself and ‘Tired Parents’ struggle to juggle lack of sleep and time with the huge new burden of parental responsibility.

The aim of the competition is to encourage photographers to capture the essence of each of our 8 tribes in a single shot.

“We really want to capture real life in these photographs.” said Holly Mackay, CEO at Boring Money. “This is anti-Shutterstock glossy for everyone out there who is sick and tired of seeing happy smiling old people holding hands on a beach in front of a cruise ship. We’re looking for pictures which reflect our readers and their day-to-day lives, not some sanitized fantasy land which just turns people off.”

Notes to Editors:
1. Please contact Ian Hall for more info ( / 0207 749 5194)
2. There are 8 tribes in total and one winner and two runners up will be selected from each tribe.
a. Tired Parents
b. Wary Women
c. Rebellious Renters
d. Dependable Dads
e. Everyday Entrepreneurs
f. Distressed, Divorced, Delighted
g. Suspicious Savers
h. Giving Grandparents

Notes to editors

For more information please contact:
Tel: email: Visit the newsroom of: ianhall116