Press Release : September 04, 2015
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Christies needs no introduction. The worlds largest Auction House had an £8.4 billion turnover in 2014 and had already sold several Andy Warhols and CY Twomblys works of art. Now, the Portuguese luxury brand Boca do Lobo is proud to announce the auctioning of the first edition of Symphony Sideboard, through Christies, on the 10th of September in South Kensington, London. The Symphony will be auctioned in the prestigious auction houses exclusive Out of Ordinary category – the same in which is the front door of Paul McCartneys childhood home in Liverpool.

The first Symphony model has been part of an American interior designer collection, with a special preference for European art and culture. As an art connoisseur, she found in Boca do Lobo the quality and creativity she pursues in design, falling immediately in love with the Symphonys distinct design aesthetic at first sight. Symphony turned out to be one of the most emblematic Boca do Lobo pieces. Throughout the design and prototyping process, the designers carried out extensive research, visiting and studying several Portuguese churches and their pianos. The result is an elegant sideboard made with polished gilt-brass tubes inspired in female body shapes and violins, with three pairs of doors opening to reveal an exotic rosewood interior and three original glass shelves, on ebonized base. This dichotomy art / design is noticeable in the brands creations. The aim is to arouse emotions, go beyond the functional aspect, so that customers may have authentic works of art in their homes. Because, as Marco Costa, the brand manager, explains, no one can remain indifferent to Boca do Lobos pieces.

In February of 2015, one exemplary of the Symphony sideboard was featured in the Fifty Shades of Grey Hollywood blockbuster, with a place on set in Christian Greys apartment. The film included seven other pieces from Boca do Lobos collections, embracing the main characters personality and taste.

This exclusive furniture piece is the first of eight in the whole world. Handcrafted with the finest materials, this breathtaking limited edition ensures mystery and elegance to the finest home decors.

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