Bluesquare Innovate introduces Vader – a new drone application technology for the construction industry

Press Release : March 18, 2017
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Launching May 1st, 2017, Vader, a Drone application technology for the construction industry is engineering the future. Bluesquare Innovate, an Application Developer, located in Dallas, Texas, has evolved, with a combined experience in 3 important construction activities: Roofs, Remodels and New Construction.

Framing, wood and metal jobs always had issues in new construction and those issues could be traced back to a bad slab or a “slab that was out of square” as stated in industry terms. The squaring of the foundation, If not done right, will affect framing, roofing, cornice, sheathing, insulation, flooring, sheetrock, and all the way to the trim. It affects budgets, work scheduled, material costs, aesthetics and so much more. This is by far the most massive problem in new construction and includes upset buyers.

The Bluesquare Innovate developer team has focused on creating an automated application to square foundations using drone technology. The drone marks each 90 degree angle with a laser where the foundation will be built, the builder then marks the angle and the drone continues its’ automated flight pattern as it is prompted. The drone application assures that the slab will be square and match the architects’ design exactly.

Visit,, subscribe to Bluesquares’ newsletter, get updates on Vader, the automated interface that calculates the 90 degree angles of a foundation for a build, or get updates for drone programming projects. Future drone application projects planned will be in the mining, construction, home security, and agricultural industries, stay informed.

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