Best Western Resort Country Club offers the best facilities for customers in Gurgaon

Best Western Resort Country Club is the leading hotel and resort in Gurgaon that is known for offering some of the finest spaces to organize social gatherings, parties and corporate events. The conference halls in Gurgaon offered by Best Western Resort Country Club have been voted as some of the best in the Delhi / NCR region. For more than the last 27 years, Best Western Resort Country Club has been the most reliable name when it comes to availing high quality hotel experience at the heart of Gurgaon. It is therefore no surprise that this hotel and resort has been time and again offered the best industry awards.

Whether one is looking to find the best holiday packages in Gurgaon or simply looking to organize a wedding party, Best Western Resort Country Club can certainly cater to all kinds of expectations. The resort is nestled within pristine natural beauty that includes lush green and yellow fields of mustard. Plenty of people looking to perform their marriage celebration in Gurgaon prefer to use the facilities that are offered by Best Western Resort Country Club. The hotel is also known to offer top notch conference banquet hall in Gurgaon along with the finest amenities.

Best Western Resort Country Club also offers some of the most extensive opportunities for indoor and outdoor leisure activities, including sports arenas and fitness facilities. In the resort, one can get indulged in a game of Table-Tennis, Badminton or Volley Ball. There are also Lawn-Tennis Courts and Obstacle Golf Putting Courts. Enthusiasts of chess game can visit the Chess Courts here at Best Western Resort Country Club. There is also a fishing lake for those who are looking to do some fishing as it can be a very relaxing activity. Kids can really have a great time by visiting the Mini Amusement Park which includes a toy-train and various animal rides. The Gymnasium and spa center can work to keep the guests perfectly fit and healthy.

Moreover, Best Western Resort Country Club has been the only branded hotel and resort in the Delhi / NCR region to offer guests with an ICC Standard Cricket Ground for all cricket lovers and sports enthusiasts who are looking to indulge in some addictive games of cricket. It is also perfect for corporate firms who are looking to inspire and organize smart team bonding among employees so that they can learn to work together and improve their performance.

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