Best Places to Live, Retire Post Covid 19

Best Places to Live, Retire Post Covid 19 1

Belize has shown itself to be a remarkable little paradise… With the worldwide pandemic spreading through the region like wildfire, Belize was the last country in the Americas to get a verified case of Covid 19, but was also the first country in the Americas to be declared Corona Virus Free…

The combination of low population density, swift and decisive action by the Government, fresh organic foods and good old Vitamin D from the sun, all helped Belize to close the door on the Virus.

Our thoughts and prayers are with countries and people around the world that are suffering from the effects of Covid 19. But at the same time, we can’t help to be a little proud of the enviable position we are in…

Will there be further cases, maybe, we certainly hope not, but more importantly we as a country have demonstrated how to find, track, isolate the virus before it can spread.

Belize is a world in one country and in our eyes has just substantially raised its position in the pecking order of where to invest, live or retire…

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