Press Release : December 10, 2009
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The BBC south east news in October carried news story about a lady setting up a web site promoting online sperm donation. The BBC Also promoted her website on TV and internet. The website would enable the matching of sperm donation and recipients. The recipients need not have infertility problems or be in a relationship. The web site is unregulated and as such do not carry out health screening.

The problem with unregulated sperm donation there is no requirement to have the sperm tested. In 2008 (HPA) statistics showed 58% of new cases of HIV were from heterosexuals and a third were diagnosed late and there was a overall 2.4% rise of STIS in the UK. Also there is a risk of serious genetic conditions not being screened for. In addition unregulated sperm donation carries the risk of too few men donating too lots women; this could also lead to genetic problems.

Furthermore British Fertility society produced guidelines regarding sperm donation and variant CJD. The donor should be medically screened and if found to be at risk should be prevented from donating sperm.

Chica Chick contacted Quentin Smith TV editor at BBC south east regarding our concerns his reply was it was a balanced news story. Their was no mention of the risk of STIs and HIV infection, no mention of the possible genetic problems or screening for c CJD. The impact of this was women were being given misleading information regarding risk of not having healthy off spring, and thus women were not making informed decision about their safety.

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