Press Release : January 27, 2010
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Research from the UKs leading online takeaway portal has today shown that bad weather, lack of motivation and resolutions being abandoned are the reasons behind the public retoxing.

The survey was conducted on 1,567 members of the British public, with 1,356 admitting to having given up on their New Years Resolution already. noticed an increase in the number of takeaways being ordered over the weekend, which prompted the study.

36% of those who had already given up on their New Year detox blamed the bad weather, stating that the adverse conditions had meant that they couldnt be bothered to leave the house and opted for a takeaway instead.

1 in 5 who had already given up on their New Year diet said that the option looked more appealing because they hadnt seen any physical change in their body since going for the healthier options.

Just over 1 in 4 of those who had ditched the diet in favour of a takeaway or a drink said that they had no motivation to go to the gym or the will power to avoid their favourite foods and drinks. 12% said that they had been tempted due to their other half, or family members eating and drinking habits.

47% of the people polled said that work was the reason that they had given up on their diets already with many citing a long day at work leaving them with no time to cook a decent meal, or no energy to go to the gym as a reason for ditching the diet.

Of the 211 who said that they had not ditched their New Year diet yet, 21% said that they were still drinking alcohol on a regular basis. 1 in 2 said that they werent controlling their intake of alcohol as part of their detox, and were just focusing on food and exercise.

The biggest excuses for ditching the New Year diet are:

1. Work too stressful 47%

2. Bad weather 36%

3. Lack of motivation 26%

4. No visible improvement in body 21%

David Buttress, the UK Managing Director of Just-Eat said;

Its not too surprising that takeaway sales are starting to rise again after the usual lull around New Year. Many people have the best intentions of being healthy and detoxing, but it can sometimes be unattainable.

He continued;

"Even if you do decide that you want a takeaway without ditching the diet, you can as there are healthier options available so you dont have to cut them out all together.



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Just-Eat was founded in Denmark in 2000 1/5 of takeaways ordered in Denmark are ordered through Just-Eat

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