Cope Up With Insomnia 11

Cope Up With Insomnia

Description – Of all the medical conditions, insomnia seems to be quite popular and all the more, tiresome. Insomnia is when, no matter how tired you …

Make Your Brand Famous! 12

Make Your Brand Famous!

Communication in fashion and beauty is pivotal to making a brand famous. Till the message doesn’t reach your target audience; how will they show interest in …

The Virtual Africa Big Retail Expo 19

The Virtual Africa Big Retail Expo

The Virtual Africa Big Retail Expo 2020 (ABRE 2020) Theme: The Future of Retail in Africa Date: 6th August 2020 Time: 09:00 a.m. – 02:00 p.m. …

Denmark Updates Packaging Law 37

Denmark Updates Packaging Law

Denmark introduces carrier bag charges as part of an update to the provisions of its packaging law. The new law, published as Order No. 766 of …

Better Eye Care 39

Better Eye Care

Your eyes are your treasures. You should feel lucky that you have properly functioning eyes in a world full of those with one or the other …