Press Release : September 16, 2016
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Designed Specifically for Independent Artists, Producers, Remixers and Labels. Focusing on High Quality, Client Control and Affordability.

London, September 14th 2016. AUDiO MiXSUPPORT introduces a first of its kind audio mixing support service covering all genres. Designed to break down the access barriers to high end services and make getting consistently great mixes, possible for all.

Our new service is focused around two key processing steps that rebalance our client’s audio tracks. We carry out these steps in our studios using high end gear and a unique processing formula designed by founder Steve Belgrave (Rolling Stones, Beady Eye and many others). This unique processing formula is designed to enhance each individual audio track in all the ways that matter, without changing its core character, ensuring our clients mixes remain as intended.

The first process step makes creating the mix faster and simpler. Our clients can mix in their own environment knowing that the foundation from which they’re working is a great one. The second step happens once the client has finished their mix. At this stage we apply our processing to ensure all the key criteria of a great mix are met. By working this way, our clients are always in control. If they choose to make micro adjustments or arrangement edits, it’s all in their hands. There’s no need to pay a 3rd party mix engineer to make any special changes for remixes, label or sync submissions. We believe it’s the perfect sonic partnership.

Hearing is believing so have a listen to our audio samples, review testimonials and find out what’s possible during just the first step of the process at Hear how we can take your raw source material and transform it into an awesome bedrock on which you can build a great mix of your song.

During launch we’re offering a promotional discount for EP’s and albums. If it’s just a single song you want us to work on then its only £69. Add mastering for £28 and you get an unbeatable sonic package for just £97.

AUDiO MiXSUPPORT is the creation of Steve Belgrave. Realised after several years of discussing the needs of independents with his audio partner Pete Maher, the UK’s number one independent mastering engineer.

“Pete and I come from a place of wanting to do whatever we can support the independent music scene. We’ve made it our mission to provide affordable high end services, education and support. AUDiO MiXSUPPORT is a further evolution of that goal. With much more to come, our mission is to raise the mixing bar for independent artists, producers, mixers and labels everywhere. AUDiO MiXSUPPORT is an extension of and with us you will always get the same pro service we give to major label clients.


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