Are you travelling abroad, an international student, donating to charity or purchasing goods from overseas?

Press Release : March 03, 2010
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It is not only big corporate companies that have the need to make regular international payments. There is a a real need for industry understanding amongst the general public so that they are able to make their money go further.

SendMoneyHome will show you how to make savings on your international money transfers, particularly those that are under £5000. Many people simply use their bank for this purpose to their cost, specialist money transfer companies will be able to reduce or eliminate your fees and give you access to a much better exchange rate.

Make sure you, and the person you are sending money to, get the best deal through better exchange rates and lower fees when sending funds overseas.

These services are especially appropriate for:

Sending money home to friends and family overseas

Providing financial assistance

Travelling abroad

International Students

Making charitable donations to developing countries

Purchasing goods from overseas companies

For example, if you wanted to change £1000 in Australian dollars you could receive up to an extra 100AUD by using a currency specialist instead of your bank. Using our software at you could find that by dealing with a money transfer companies you could receive an exchange rate of AUD 1.6201 to £1 with just a 50 pence fee netting you a total of AUD 1,624.50.

Had you used a bank your rate would be as low as 1.5455 with a hefty fee of up to £25, leaving you with only AUD 1,481. A difference of over 123 dollars!

If you feel you could benefit from SendMoneyHome’s services then please visit, email or call one of the team on +44 (0)207 100 5644 where we’d be delighted to assist you in your money transfer needs.

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