Appliance House introduces infographic ‘Plinth Heaters Explained’

Appliance House who specialize in supplying excellent quality built in kitchen appliances, sinks, taps and accessories online, have released a new infographic ‘Plinth Heaters Explained’ which illustrates all the plinth heater options available for the home.

The infographic begins with an illustration of how the removal of a traditional radiator and the inclusion of a plinth heater can save and create considerably more space in a kitchen. It goes on to explain the various types of plinth heater models available on the market, including low voltage models for bathrooms with graphics to illustrate the even heat distribution generated from a plinth heater in a room.

The infographic simplifies how hydronic, all electric and dual fuel models operate with an emphasis on energy savings that can be achieved and colour options that are available.

This infographic from Appliance House has been created to enable the reader to clearly understand all the plinth heater options available to them. It is an informative read, ideal for anyone planning to install a plinth heater in their home.

To view the infographic visit;

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