Press Release : February 25, 2010
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The model physique has become a societal ideal, with tall, slender women holding connotations of elegance and beauty. However, every advantage has its drawback, and it can be extremely troublesome finding stylish and feminine footwear if you exceed the size 7 limit of most fashion brands. This has left the fuller footed woman with very little choice in available shoes. There have been numerous retailers specialising in larger sizes of female footwear, but the market has seriously lacked fashionable styles, with most showcasing a range of unsightly options.

Amazona provides a wide range of fashionable designs in boots, heels and flats in UK sizes 8 to 12, that will finally enable women with an above average shoe size to wear beautiful designer styles. Alongside Amazonas range of footwear, they sell bags, jewellery and various other accessories, sourced internationally. A valuable addition to their site is the Amazona blog which acts like an international fashion and lifestyle resource for tall women, from looking at current trends and brands that cater for the taller women, as well as discussing some of the idiosyncrasies of being a tall women in todays society, and looking at celebrity influences to the tall woman . Amazona wish to spread the word of their store to the masses of women who are on the troublesome quest to find larger yet flattering shoes. Tall women should feel catered for and Amazona Style aim to do just that, stating Amazona is for women who stand tall and are proud to celebrate their individuality.

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Launched in Amazona was set up by Rebecca Martinez Ferreira with the intention of filling an obvious gap in the niche market providing shoes for women in larger sizes. Whereas there are already several UK retailers (all except one are small, privately owned businesses) specialising in large sizes, there are currently no retailers selling remotely fashionable, designer styles – hence Amazona.

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