Amazing Dino Discovery Series Targets Kids With An Educational Interactive Campaign On Binweevils.Com

Press Release : February 17, 2010
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 To get to the island, weevils (kids avatars) need to fly via Rums Cove Airport.

To encourage them to immerse themselves with the brand and ultimately drive them to point of sale, the kids online virtual world will be running a treasure hunt where children have to find different dinosaur bones around the site. Participating kids will earn Mulch with every bone they find and help to build a dinosaur skeleton in the museum in Mulch Island. Once all bones are found the kids will be rewarded with seeing their contribution come to life with a fully erected dinosaur skeleton displayed in the museum. Participants will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a years subscription of the Amazing Dino Discovery magazines.

Bin Weevils will be also running the pre-roll of the TV ad in Riggs Palladium, which is the Bin Weevils cinema.

To drive additional awareness, campaign screenshots will be featured on various social media platforms, as the official Bin Weevils Facebook, Bebo and MySpace pages. Email marketing campaign is to support the release this month and reach kids that are unaware of the hunt.

The series of collectable magazines, providing kids with information about dinosaurs and the lost world in which they have roamed, is due to be released on 17th February.

Bin Weevils is an online 3D virtual world for 7-13-years old kids, receiving 405,000 unique visitors and 61 million impressions per month.

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