Aladdin Fully Automatic Airvent Radiator Bleed Valve From TradePlumbing For Your Designer Towel Rail

Press Release : April 01, 2010
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TradePlumbing, one of the UK’s leading bathroom and kitchen plumbing retailers, recommends installing an Aladdin fully automatic airvent radiator bleed valve on your designer towel rail.

Fitting an Aladdin bleed valve means that it is no longer necessary to have to manually bleed designer towel rails or radiators.  The fully automatic airvent will bleed air from the valve when it is needed.

“The Aladdin works vertically or horizontally, improves heat output, saves energy and is easy to fit – any DIY enthusiast could have it up and running in minutes.” said Kat Pettit, Marketing Manager.

“It’s all too easy to scratch or damage your rail while bleeding it.  A designer towel radiator is a thing of beauty, so why not install an Aladdin bleed valve and keep it that way?” added Kat.

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