Advantages and disadvantages of undergoing trigger finger surgery

Press Release : December 20, 2015
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Do you have a deformed finger and you do not know what to do about it? Have you been trying to seek professional advice without success? Meet Austingraces, the clinic that performs trigger finger in Chelmsford, Essex surgery with a lot of ease. This is a procedure that we perform as an outpatient, and this means that you will not be admitted in hospital at all. The process is known as needle fasciotomy, whereby a needle is inserted through the skin. Our professional and experienced surgeon uses local anaesthetic to make the hand numb, without letting you loose consciousness. A sharp needle is then inserted into the fibrous bands in your finger or your hand. This needle is used for dividing the cord under the skin. The surgeon divides the thickened tissue, and releases the tightness in your hand, that makes the finger bend. This dupuytren’s disease in Chelmsford, Essex surgery is performed with a lot of care by our experienced surgeon.

There are so many advantages for having the trigger finger in Chelmsford, Essex surgery performed on your hand or finger. These advantages include; fingers becoming less and less deformed, your recovery period is faster than any other kind of more intense surgery. This dupuytren’s disease in Chelmsford, Essex surgery is suitable for patients who are weak and elderly, and are not able to cope with the more complex kind of surgery. The rate of complications risk is quite low, and is estimated to be around 1%. The only draw back is that the rate of trigger finger recurrence is quite high, and is estimated to be around 60%, and occurs within 3 to 5 years, to all the individuals who have undergone the trigger finger in Chelmsford, Essex surgery. Those patients who suffer more severe cases of dupuytren’s contracture undergo open dupuytren’s disease in Chelmsford, Essex surgery. This procedure is more intense than the needle procedure, and the risks are more than those of the needle procedure.

This trigger finger in Chelmsford, Essex surgery is carried out as an outpatient under the local anaesthetic. Our professional surgeon makes an incision in your hand’s skin, in order to gain access to the connective tissue found underneath. The surgeon then goes ahead to cut the thickened connective tissue, in order to divide it up, letting you straighten your fingers. After the dupuytren’s disease in Chelmsford, Essex surgery is over; the surgeon then seals the cut on your finger with stitches and applies a dressing. This procedure takes some time to heal, and an appointment with the surgeon, to have the stitches removed, leaving a scar on your hand. Trust Austingraces surgeon to carry out this procedure with a lot of ease!

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