Press Release : March 24, 2010
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It is only the Emmy Award-winning stop-animation pop-culture satire animation show available on

Although if you, like us, love Robot Chicken, you will know that Season 4 is currently playing out exclusively at Exclusively meaning we know you’d never do anything as heartless as take the food from our childrens mouths by downloading it illegally, wudja?

Right now you can catch the brand new episode delightfully titled: Especially The Animal Keith Crofford* only on Adult As well as the usual voice talent, including Robot Chicken co-creator and Family Guy regular Seth Green, this episode features guest voicing from Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mila Kunis (who voices Meg in Family Guy).
Well leave you to draw your own conclusions

*Keith Crofford is one of the founding fathers of Adult Swim. He is the boss of us.


Adult Swim, Turner Broadcasting Systems US smash-hit channel, launched in the US in 2001 and in the UK in late 2006. Adult Swim features non-conformist programming aimed at adults 18-34 including a broad mix of humour spanning unconventional animation and live action comedy which has earned it a discerning and cult following in the UK. Adult Swim is designed to appeal to young people who like their entertainment creative, cutting edge and arent afraid to seek it out. Full episodes of Adult Swim shows can we viewed at alongside hundreds of video clips and games.

Adult Swim is available in the UK through the channel website, BT Vision, Mobi TV, 02, Sky Mobile, YouTube and Daily Motion; in South Africa on Vuzu; Russia on Channel 2×2 and Germany on Maxdome VOD/SVOD. Flagship programmes that are part of the include: Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, Metalocalypse, Squidbillies, Superjail! and Tim & Eric, Awesome Show, Great Job!

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