AdSpruce announce the release of Outstream Mobile Video 2.0 with advanced interactivity for advertisers in response to the growing demand for mobile video advertising

Press Release : April 18, 2016
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Mobile video ad tech industry leader AdSpruce® announces a significant update to its outstream mobile video advertising technology to meet the increasing tracking, viewability and dynamic optimisation needs of both advertisers and premium publishers.

Unlike instream advertising which places video ads within a video stream like pre-roll adverts, outstream video advertising places ads outside their usual placement. Appearing within the content of the page such as between two paragraphs or within a news feed, outstream video adverts appear less intrusive through offering an ad experience with native-like qualities.
Outstream video advertising has received a welcoming reception from brands and advertisers alike due to its value in terms of engagement, brand awareness and purchase intent. For publishers, the Adspruce video platform creates new high-value video inventory and a more attractive, seamless and less intrusive ad experience for the user.

AdSpruce has enhanced their outstream video advertising formats, improving on interactive functionality, creative options and user experience. On the user scrolling the mobile web page, an ad will come into view within the content of the page, automatically playing a video advert. This gives the user the opportunity to engage, however, if they continue to scroll, the ad will stop playing and can be scrolled out of view. Ultimately, AdSpruce’s outstream video advertising solution has been developed with the user in mind. The user is not forced to watch the ad and when playing, the ad does not interrupt the user’s activity.

CEO of AdSpruce, Ian Mullins, said “AdSpruce’s unique and proprietary programmatic mobile video advertising platform, combined with pioneering rich-media creative technologies delivers interactive video advertising to more devices than anyone else. With much talk in the industry about the need for more engaging creative and less intrusive advertising, AdSpruce has developed the next generation of outstream adverts. Advertisers have complete creative control over what the user is presented with, whether they create a video-only ad or an ad combining video and interactive HTML5, with the aim to increase engagement and click-throughs. Not only is the user experience improved, but advertisers and brands are offered guaranteed performance through combining engaging rich-media ads, viewability, targeting and effective calls to action.”

Positioned at the intersection of programmatic advertising, mobile video and HTML5 dynamic creative, AdSpruce uses proprietary ad serving technology to deliver mobile ads to more than twice as many devices as their nearest competitor, allowing them to reach audiences no other ad technology can.

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About AdSpruce

AdSpruce is a mobile video ad tech company providing software and services for publishers to maximize the value of their mobile inventory by getting advertisers’ videos watched, tracked and programmatically executed. Positioned at the intersection of programmatic advertising, mobile video and HTML5 dynamic creative, AdSpruce uses its in-house developed ad serving technology, audience data and user-friendly video formats to increase viewer ad engagement, brand performance and publisher revenues. The world’s leading brands already trust AdSpruce to target, track, measure and deliver performance at speed and scale across the mobile web.

Differentiated by proprietary rich-media programmatic technology and an ad serving platform that can deliver interactive video ads to more than twice as many mobile devices as its nearest competitor, AdSpruce enables advertisers to connect with audiences that no other ad tech company can reach. From low bandwidth feature phones in emerging markets like Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Brazil to 4G smartphones in New York, London and Singapore, AdSpruce delivers the highest possible video quality and beautiful rich-media advertising experiences. Visit for more information.

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